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2016 PMAA Entry Categories

  1. Best Integrated Marketing Campaign

    Awarded to a campaign which integrates a minimum of at least three of the following marketing disciplines such as: game of chance, game of skill, loyalty, digital, internet, experiential, event, public relations, product sampling, sponsorship, tie-ins, product licencing, mobile, social marketing, word of mouth, etc to effectively market a product or service.

  2. Best Marketing Discipline Campaign

    Awarded to the campaign which best utilises any of the following Marketing Disciplines: Movies, Music, Sport, Kids, Seniors, Games, Lifestyle, Teens, Licencing or Content Marketing (Branded Content/Product Placement) & crowd sourcing, to market a product or service. Industry Bodies & Associations are welcomed to enter.

  3. Best Digital Campaign

    Awarded to the campaign which features any digital marketing technique including: web centered activities, email marketing, app development & marketing, geo-location activities QR Codes, AR, gaming, etc to market a product or service via any device linked to the internet.

  4. Best Innovative Idea Or Concept

    Awarded to the campaign which features a unique marketing idea. An idea which ‘challenged the norm’,’ took the risk’ or something just ‘out of the box’. Executions can encompass the whole marketing sphere: advertising, activation, social media, technology, digital, gaming, film production.

  5. Best Brand Building And/or Awareness Campaign

    Awarded to the campaign which best enhances a brand’s awareness, image or equity, to its target customer base.

  6. Best Business To Business Or Trade Marketing Campaign

    Awarded to the campaign which best ultilises Trade Marketing disciplines to address any of the following Trade Marketing activities: sales force, trade or employee incentive or recognition programmes; Business to Business (B2B) campaigns (marketing a product or service to a brand’s business customers); Shopper Marketing activities; Key Account activities; Channel/Retailer-Specific activities, or any other sales generating or sales performance executions, in any industry sector.

  7. Best Event Or Experiential Marketing Campaign

    Awarded to the campaign which best delivers a brand experience to target audiences, via the execution of any of the following executions: static events, travelling road shows, exhibitions, public displays, pop up stores, product demonstrations, in-store/dealer/reseller activities, shopping centre/mall activities, retail/cultural/religious activities or product sampling.

  8. Best Brand Loyalty Campaign

    Awarded to the campaign which most effectively generates consumer loyalty, or maximises customer relationships to market a product or service. If the Campaign is long term, results need to be included for the 2015 calendar year.

  9. Best Mobile Marketing Campaign

    Awarded to the campaign which best involves mobile phones, tablets and other mobile, web linked devices, as the delivery platform/s & app development in the marketing a product or service to target audiences in any industry sector.

  10. Best Social Media Or Word Of Mouth Campaign

    Awarded to the campaign which demonstrates the best use of any Social Media delivery platform, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Weibo, WeChat, Shazam, Snapchat, WhatsApp & Viral Campaigns etc, as well as the Word of Mouth discipline, as the primary mechanic in the marketing of a product or service, to target audiences.

  11. Best Product Launch Or Re-launch Campaign

    Awarded to the best launch or re-launch of a product or service, to target audiences, in any industry sector.

  12. Best Brand Trial Or Sales Generation Campaign

    Awarded to the campaign which effectively gains demonstrable brand trial, consumer acceptance, addressing in sales or other marketing objectives, for a product or service.

  13. Best Use Of Public Relations

    Awarded to the campaign which utilises the Public Relations mechanic most effectively, in the marketing of a product or service. The Judges will look for the background for the Campaign, the reasoning behind strategies, executions, as well as results.

  14. Best Cause, Charity Marketing Or Public Sector Campaign

    Awarded to the campaign which uses marketing communications disciplines to best leverages a cause or charity, an educational theme, a sudden emergency, green or environmental activities, corporate responsibility themes or crowd sourcing, to raise funds or address other clearly defined marketing objectives. Beneficiaries can include: Charities, Not for Profit Organisations, Governments, Emergency Services, Educational Institutions, Trusts, etc.

  15. Best Small Budget Campaign

    Awarded to the campaign which effectively executes a campaign with a budget US$50,000 or under, in any industry sector. Entrants will need to include the size of their Budget in their entry.

  16. Best Use Of Media

    Awarded to the Campaign which best leverages media to address the marketing communications objectives of a brand or service, Media can include: TV (Free to Air & Cable), Press, Magazines, Online Portals, Outdoor, Radio, Gaming, Internet & Film. Apart from Agencies and Client Companies, this Category is also open to Media Owners, Film Producers & Music Producers.

  17. Best Entertainment Campaign

    Awarded to the campaign which effectively addresses Marketing Objectives within the Entertainment Sector, covering the following Industry sectors: Free to Air & Cable Television, VOD & Streaming Groups, Production Companies, Radio, Film Production Studios, Film Distributors, Music, Product Placement & Leveraging, Licenced & Content Marketing, Computer & Mobile Games.

  18. Best Sponsorship Campaign

    Awarded to the campaign that uses Sponsorship as its core awareness platform regardless of media channel. This category can cover any sector(s) including but not exclusive to; TV, radio, press, digital, events, and social media.

All Winning Campaigns will be included in the MAA Worldwide GLOBES Media Releases. We also need a high resolution jpeg (about 1mb) of an image which best shows off your Campaign. All Entries will become the property of MAA Worldwide, who reserve the right to publish all or any part.

MAA Worldwide is not responsible for any possible breach by an entrant or entry of any advertising, marketing code of practise or legislation in any pertinent country throughout the World. Entrants will be responsible for any claim which may arise.

All Entries will become property of MAA Worldwide who reserve the right to publish entries, in total or part, or to generate any publicity, excluding any elements which have been requested directly to MAA Worldwide by any entrant, upon uploading of any entry, to be confidential.