How the MAA Worldwide GLOBES is judged

The task of the GLOBES Panels are to select the very best Marketing Communications Campaign, in each of the 18 Categories, as well as the Best Campaign in the World.

Each Winning Campaign will need to reflect the highest industry standards of strategic relevance, originality, creative execution and effectiveness, bearing in mind the diversity of Marketing Communications throughout the world, and the issues Marketers all face, such as:

  • Varying levels of market maturity
  • Cultural, religious and legal issues
  • Differing target audiences

Judges will be asked to judge each entry against four criteria and award scores on the following basis:

Criteria 1: Campaign Strategy: Out Of 20 Points

Look at the strength and relevance of the strategy which was developed to meet the stated objectives of the campaign.

  • Is the strategy sound for the brand and the target audience?
  • Is it an appropriate strategy given the objectives and any market factors?
Criteria 2: The Concept: Out Of 30 Points
  • Is the concept strong and fresh? Does it stand out?
  • Is there a high degree of originality and innovation?
  • Does the concept work for the brand, against the campaign Marketing Objectives?
Criteria 3: Execution: Out Of 30 Points
  • How well was the concept executed?
  • Did the collateral material communicate the activity in an appealing, understandable and motivating way?
  • If you were a target consumer, would you understand the concept and participate in the Promotion?
Criteria 4: The Results: Out Of 20 Points

You are all professionals in your fields and will know if the campaign was successful in matching the results to the strategy and execution.

  • How well did the promotion fare against the set objectives?
  • Are the stated results credible?

Don't make assumptions if the evidence doesn't match the objectives, or if you are given general statements like "exceeded all expectations", or "too early to judge" or "Sales were fantastic".

In some cases clients may not allow actual results to be published. In this case Some Clients may not allow results to be included in the Entry, for obvious reasons, Judges will have to make their own decision regarding this issue.

The GLOBES Awards

Gold, Silver and Bronze GLOBES Trophies will be awarded to the Entries with the highest three scores in each Entry Category.

The Campaign, which reflects the best work carried out during the 2019 Call for Entry period will be judged separately by our GLOBES Grand Jury. The Red GLOBE will be awarded to the Campaign which is judged to be the Best of the Best in the World.

Order of Excellence Certificates will be awarded to those Entries whose scores settle just below the Bronze recognition level but are deemed worthy of acknowledgement.